Design Solutions

Leading Semiconductor Company Brings New 360-Degree Camera Solution to Market Utilizing Gidel’s InfiniVision Technology

Gidel’s InfiniVision technology enables companies developing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products to capture high quality image content from a large array of cameras in order to create panoramic 360-degree content for next generation immersive fan experiences across media, sports, and entertainment.

Gidel’s Unique Direct FPGA Connectivity Technology Utilized to Create Fastest Reconfigurable Supercomputer in the World for CHREC

Gidel’s low-latency, full duplex direct FPGA connectivity technology enables clients to create Reconfigurable Interconnect Frameworks for HPC clusters. This cutting-edge technology from Gidel has no CPU overhead and provides flexibility to achieve diverse optimum system topologies, including 3D and 12D-Torus, and 6D and 24D-Hypercube, which are vital to building the HPC infrastructure required to process large compute-intensive workloads.

TU Berlin FPGA

Gidel’s High Performance FPGA Platform Allows TU Berlin to Provide Unique Research and Teaching Opportunities on Software Defined Radio (SDR) Platform

SDRs are one of many technologies that are limited by I/O but can be further developed and expanded by utilizing FPGAs. Gidel’s FPGA systems provide flexible programmable hardware and are well-architected to rapidly prototype complex systems such as SDR.

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