Customize Your Grabbing and FPGA Processing

Gidel’s technology enables to tailor high-end optimized solutions. Customization may be performed by you or as a service by Gidel. Gidel, for example, may customize your FPGA code and API allowing you to focus on host software and system design.

Customization may be in a number of levels:

  • Camera hardware interface: CoaXPress, Camera Link, SFP+, MIPI, and custom
  • Camera Protocol: may use a combination of standard interface such as Camera Link with a proprietary protocol ,e.g., each tap representing a separate image frame
  • FPGA grabbing and processing
  • FPGA flow. For example:
    • Streaming pre-processed images to host for real-time co-processing and simultaneously compressing, in FPGA, and recording the grabbed images
    • In a Vision system, the FPGA design may extract image features for further host processing. In such case the incoming images may be grabbed in parallel to the extracted feature stream using a separate application.
  • Optimizing system performance by using customized grabber API. For example, when ultra-low latency is required, the grabbed images may bypass the grabber memory and stream directly to the host memory.

Gidel’s infrastructure and tools include:

  • Frame Grabber boards
  • Open FPGA code for acquisition and image processing pipeline
  • Software packages: ProcFG and InfiniVision
  • GIL (Gidel Imaging Library) – FPGA optimized IPs
  • Proc Developer’s Kit for efficient and intuitive development on FPGA
  • Best-in-class FPGA compression IPs
  • RCLF for connecting multiple (remote) cameras to a single grabber
frame grabber diagram

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