CoaXPress-12 Grabbing and Image Processing Family

Gidel’s CoaXPress 2.0 (CXP-12/6) grabber and image processing family offers a number of options to accommodate diverse application needs, from plug-and-play high-performance frame grabbers to a full custom system solution comprising user-tailored acquisition path, on-FPGA image processing, real-time compression and more.

Gidel offers a number of CoaXPress frame grabber families enabling a variety of high-end acquisition and image processing capabilities.  The families include: HawkEye-CXP, Proc10A-CXP, and Proc10S-CXP.  The CXP families are designed for ultra-high bandwidth combining up to 8x CXP-12/6 links for up to 10 GB/s, PCIe Gen. 3 x8 host interface, huge image buffers of 32 GB and beyond, real-time compression, and ability to offload Regions Of Interest (ROI) for additional bandwidth utilization. The Gidel grabbers enable the use of eight 500+ MPixels/s Gidel Lossless and JPEG encoders – twice the pixel frequency of any other available solution.

Gidel’s boards, based on Intel Arria 10 and Stratix 10 FPGAs, deliver tremendous processing capacity fortified with abundant memory resources enabling to implement real-time image processing and user algorithms.

The boards are supported by the Gidel ProcVision Kit, which allows users to tailor their Vision flows in an intuitive and simple manner by customizing both the software and the FPGA design code for different frame grabbing flavors. The kit includes the ProcFG and InfiniVision GUIs, APIs and supporting libraries. The Gidel Proc Dev Kit enables automatic generation of Application Support Packages (ASPs), and includes Gidel’s CamSim (camera simulator) as well as tools for debugging and verifying FPGA ISP IPs.

  • Grabbing from up to 8 cXp cameras via 8x cXp-12/6 links
  • Supports CoaXPress 2.0
  • Acquisition bandwidth of up to 10 GB/s
  • Pixel formats supported: Mono, Bayer, RGBA and RGB
  • Infrastructure for full Vision/Imaging system solution including image acquisition, real-time image processing and post-processing on host
  • Huge frame buffers of up to 32GB to enable high-acquisition capacity and to enhance image processing capabilities
  • Host interface: PCIe Gen. 3 x8
  • Support for area and line scan cameras
  • Diverse I/O capabilities:
      • RS422 inputs
      • Opto-couplers
      • Current sink drivers
      • Bi-directional GPIOs
  • Powerful ecosystem:
      • ProcVision Kit for customization of Vision flow
      • Image compression IPs
      • Tools for efficient development of both software and FPGA code
      • InfiniVision software for multi-camera acquisition and synchronization
      • Supports GenICam’s GenTL API and third-party software, including
      • HalconTM machine vision software

Target Applications

  • High-end Machine Vision
  • Industrial Inspection/Automation
  • Broadcast
  • Medical Imaging

Technical Specifications

Camera InterfaceUp to 8x CoaXPress(2.0)-12/6 (CXP-12/6), PoCXP, External Power over
Image FormatsMono, Bayer, RGBA (8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 bits/color) and RGB (8, 10 and 12 bits/ color)
Max ResolutionHorizontal: 16 K pixels (64-bit)
Vertical: 65 K lines
Acquisition RateUp to 10 GB/s acquisition rate
Host BusPCIe x8 Gen. 3
Frame Buffer1-33 GB
Image Processing (optional)Image processing code on Intel Arria 10
FPGA (160, 480, 270, 660, and 1150)
Image Compression (optional)Lossless and JPEG encoding
Camera TypesArea and Line Scan
Connectors• 4 or 8x Micro BNC
• 2x GPIO connectors
• Optional QSFP+ and SFP+
MTBF (with passive cooling)> million hours
Form FactorPCIe half-length
GPIORS422, opto-couplers, current sink drivers, bi-directional I/Os
Advanced FeaturesSelective ROI acquisition
Ecosystem Support• ProcVision Kit for Vision flow customization
• Proc Dev Kit for automatic generation of Application Support Package and efficient development on FPGA
• CertifEye support Image Compression and Decompression IPs
• InfiniVision software for multi-camera aquisition and synchronization
• Supports GenICam GenTL API
• Support for third-party software, including as MVTec HalconTM machine vision software
Operating Ambient Temperature0 – 50 C, relative humidity up to 90%
 Technical information may change based on specific board and FPGA used.


Download our data sheet for the Proc10A-CXP-12 and HawkEye-CXP-12 grabber and image processing families.