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Gidel’s smart FPGA platforms combine high-end compute performance, system flexibility, and powerful development tools. Based on over two decades of continual innovation, Gidel’s proven technology provides diverse solutions for diverse markets. Gidel’s offerings encompass compute acceleration platforms, vision and imaging solutions, and developer’s tools that enable a market-unique methodology for accelerated development on FPGA.

gidel tools diagram

Development Tools and IP

  • Support for OpenCL based on Intel’s SDK, targeting software engineers who want to accelerate applications on FPGA
  • HLS Application support package for compiling C++ to HDL, targeting algorithm and HDL designers
  • Gidel’s Developer’s Tools for efficient HDL design development:
    • Optimizes system performance
    • Simplifies HDL development tasks and integration with software
    • Automatic generation of HDL envelope and respective software application drivers
    • Generation of PCIe bridge and host interface
    • Debugging tool that directly accesses and controls the FPGA
    • Ability for multiple programs/processes to be accelerated concurrently on the same FPGA
  • Memory controller IPs

Acceleration Platforms

  • System computational power: Petaflops
  • Power consumption: 30 Gigaflops per watt at board level
  • Standards interfaces: SFP+, CXP, QSFP, MiniSAS-HD, HD-BNC, and other
  • Option for user-defined interfaces
  • Scalability and flexibility to achieve diverse topologies with linear growth of performance relative to system size
  • System modularity
  • OpenCL support for software engineers and algorithm developers
  • Gidel ProcDev Kit for FPGA designers
  • Gidel ProcDev Kit with Intel HLS for software engineers, algorithm developers, and FPGA designers
frame grabber diagram

Image and Vision Subsystems

  • High-performance frame grabbers with CPU-free host offload engines
  • Option for on-board real-time image processing on powerful FPGAs
  • Standard and customized camera interfaces and protocols, including CoaXPress and Camera Link
  • Interfacing with remote cameras via fiber optics
  • Support for simultaneous acquisition from as many as 100 cameras, including synchronization capabilities
  • Camera simulators
  • Proprietary development tools that simplify and accelerate development on FPGAs
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