Edge computers

Edge computers for high bandwidth image acquisition, recording and processing

Video, Machine Vision and AI Inference Edge Computer
Gidel’s FantoVision family is a pioneering ultra-compact computer for high-bandwidth vision on the edge enabling image acquisition and processing from up to 4 x CoaXPress 2.1/10GigE Vision, or 2 x 10GigE Vision and 80-bit/Dual-Base Camera Link cameras. The FantoVision’s innovative architecture merges high-end image acquisition with real-time image processing and/or compression using Nvidia Jetson™ embedded computer with optional pre-processing/compression on Intel Arria 10™ FPGA.

Open Customizable Image Processing
The FantoVision is also distinct in its open architecture enabling embedded AI/image processing on GPU and FPGA. Software engineers can program their algorithms on GPU using CUDA C/C++ and NVIDIA’s libraries. In addition, developing and deploying optional pre-processing block on FPGA is simple and fast using Gidel’s novel ProcVision™ Suite.

Scalable Solution
The FantoVision opens the way for new ultra-compact computers for high-bandwidth vision on the edge for cost-effective, scalable vision and imaging solutions for high-bandwidth, low-latency applications. Multi-FantoVision units can be interconnected to provide unique and scalable topologies. Using Gidel’s InfiniVision™ open frame grabber flow, 100+ sensors can be synchronized and processed simultaneously.

Relevant products


Edge computer with 4xCXP-12 frame grabbers


Edge computer with 2x10GigE and Camera Link frame grabbers

Video: Image processing acceleration on NVIDIA Jetson embedded computer

Demo at the Embedded World 2024 show

Video: Gidel frame grabbers and edge computers

Presentation at the Embedded World show 2024

Webinar: Overcoming bandwidth limitations when imaging on the edge

Reuven Weintraub, founder and CTO of Gidel, presented Gidel’s solutions to perform high-bandwidth imaging on the edge.

FantoVision video clip

A short video introduction to FantoVision edge computers

FantoVision at Embedded World 2022

Gidel founder and CTO Reuven Weintraub introduces the FantoVision models


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