Senior FPGA Designer


  •        Responsible for the design and development of new “System-on-FPGA” products as well as support of existing products
  •        Concept development, writing product specifications, test plans and VHDL/Verilog coding
  •        Responsible for FPGA functional allocation, design, simulation, synthesis, and place & route
  •        Support the FPGA layout during board layout phase
  •        Support production testing



  •        Ability to design using Verilog or VHDL
  •        Design experience with Quartus 14 and later – a must.
  •        Experience with the design of large FPGAs (Stratix)
  •        Experience with both Hard and Soft Core IP inclusion and debug is required.
  •        Experience with development tools for design coding, synthesis and debug.
  •        Experience with Modelsim logic simulation
  •        Proven communication/interpersonal skills
  •        Strong sense of responsibility, commitment to quality and achieving deadlines



  •        Prior experience in high-speed digital design using state of the art microprocessors, high-speed memory devices (such as DDR3/DDR4 SRAMs) and multi-gigabit serial interfaces at >10Gbps
  •        Knowledge of industry standard bus architectures such as, PCIe 3.0, 40GbE is an asset.
  •        Experience with Signal Integrity understanding is desirable.
  •        Basic software development experience using C,
  •        knowledge of System-Verilog, PERL or Tcl/Tk is a plus.
  •        knowledge in Open CL



  •        Minimum 5 years of relevant industry experience.
  •        Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering (or equivalent).