Our expertise

Frame Grabbers

CoaXPress 12, 10GigE and Camera Link Frame grabbers with FPGA processing option

FPGA Modules

Compact and powerful FPGA modules

Vision & Imaging
Edge Computers

Video, machine vision and AI inference computers for 10-40Gb/s imaging on the edge.

Multi-Camera Acquisition

Technology for grabbing from 100+ synced camera/sensors

FPGA Development Tools

CoaXPress, Camera Link, and user camera simulators, FPGA processing development suite

Real-Time Compression

Algorithms for compression at Gigapixel/sec and beyond: JPEG, Lossless, Gidel Quality+ (1:10 with Original SNR)

Tailored Solution

Our development services to boost your projects

Application Areas

Gidel technology is used in a large variety of application areas
Our core expertise is high-performance imaging and vision but our FPGA acceleration technologies can be used in many other applications. Learn what Gidel's solutions can do for your application!

News & Events

Jul 01, 2024
VisionChina Exhibition, Shanghai 2024, June 8-10 2024, booth E1-1152 (Viewsitec)

Gidel will be presenting at the Vision China show Shanghai 2024,  June 8-10 2024,  with our distributor Viewsitec, booth is E1-1152. Please join us as we will be presenting our latest Vision and Imaging technologies, including our Vision AI Edge computers (Jetson + FPGA based grabber technology), world’s only fully programmable frame grabbers, 20+ GigE […]

Apr 08, 2024
Embedded World 2024: Gidel showcases modular 10GigE embedded vision platform with zero frame loss at full GigE performance.

Combining Gidel’s hardware and software variants enables easy and fast implementation of demanding vision on the edge applications. Gidel will demo real-time image acquisition, compression, and processing from 100 Megapixel 10GigE camera.

Nov 15, 2023
Accelerating image processing development and validation with camera simulation

This application note introduces Gidel’s CamSim camera simulator and how it addresses challenges faced by vision system developers with four use case examples.


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