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Gidel has been a technology leader in high performance, innovative, FPGA-based accelerators for more than 25 years.

Gidel’s solutions are used for a wide variety of customer needs, such as security, DNA research, image compression, and machine learning applications. Gidel’s innovative products and unique solutions combine the flexibility customers need for customized solutions with the support that enables the best use of those solutions.

Speed Your Time to Market

Gidel’s reconfigurable platforms and development tools are used for optimal application tailoring, reducing the time and cost of project development. Gidel can support your R&D in many ways, from providing the building blocks and tools that allow you to accelerate your own R&D, to handling the entire R&D process for you via customized algorithms and hardware.

Leverage Ongoing Innovation

Gidel is a pioneer in developing FPGA-based systems, consistently introducing innovative high performance solutions and applications for markets such as Deep Learning, Imaging, and Vision. Gidel has an unmatched ability to provide tailored solutions within a short time span, based on years of accumulated experience, technology patents, and long-standing relationships with manufacturers.

Work with a Trusted Partner

Gidel is a multi-national company founded in 1993 for high-end FPGA-based systems development and integration. Gidel’s dedicated support and product performance, advanced development tools, ease-of-use, and long life cycles have been well appreciated by satisfied customers who continuously use these products, generation after generation.
Gidel provides intelligent FPGA solutions for acceleration

Why FPGAs?

High performance solutions require speed and the right combination of compute, memory capacity, and memory bandwidth to boost application performance. In this landscape FPGAs are becoming much more widely utilized than ever before. Gidel has the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure to provide FPGA solutions based on the latest technology and extremely stable tools.
Gidel’s products and developer tools make FPGA use accessible and significantly reduce development time and effort.
Quality is not just a word, it’s important. And with Gidel, it’s certified.

Gidel products are often critical components in working systems, so constantly improving product quality is vital. Gidel holds a number of ISO, RoHS, and Conflict Mineral certifications.

Your success and satisfaction are important to Gidel. Technical experts are ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

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