FPGA acceleration boards

From Teraflop to Petaflop and beyond

Gidel’s FPGA acceleration boards are based on Intel’s newest generation of FPGAs, including Arria 10 and Stratix 10, with Teraflop capabilities and scalability for Petaflop performance and beyond.

Gidel offers a complete solution that includes modular acceleration boards, flexibility in I/O selection, development tools, FPGA libraries, and sub-system solutions. All acceleration platforms are supported by Gidel’s proprietary development tools for efficient development and deployment on FPGA. Gidel’s tools and FPGA libs simplify the software-hardware integration via automatic generation of the envelop HDL and the software driver and provide a set of powerful FPGA libraries for data management and compression.

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Arria 10 PCIe x8 (Gen. 3) FPGA Computation Accelerator


20 Gb/s Arria 10 FPGA Computation Accelerators

Arria 10 and Stratix 10 modules

Gidel also offers a number of ultra-compact high-performance FPGA modules that can be mounted on a Gidel off-the-shelf PCIe carrier board or on a user or Gidel custom carrier board.  The modules provide a complete FPGA envelop ready for use while leaving flexibility for tailoring the peripheral system precisely to the system specifications via the carrier board. Gidel’s diverse module offerings include ultra-high-end modules based on Intel Stratix 10NX and MX FPGAs and high-end ultra-compact solutions based on Intel Arria 10 FPGAs.

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