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With always more powerful and yet miniaturized processors, embedded electronics devices can be implemented in more and more application areas, both in the consumer and industrial field. Applications include handheld devices, automotive, drones and many more. Thanks to embedded computing and AI technology, applications that once required stationary, bulky PCs can now be mobile, embarked on vehicles or integrated into larger devices. Designers of embedded electronics systems however still have their own constraints. In particular, the SWaP criteria (Size, Weight and Power consumption) are essential to keep systems compact, make them operate on battery and avoid excessive heat that may be difficult to dissipate in ultra-compact devices. Other challenges include processing power and bandwidth limitations – both between hardware components and between the device and the cloud.

Thanks to its 30 years of expertise in FPGA development and acceleration, Gidel offers solutions that push the boundaries of embedded system: Our FPGA acceleration modules and platforms combined with our innovative tools help designers to achieve their system performance and SWaP requirements while simplifying and speeding up the development process. We also offer a range of embedded computers for image processing and AI applications on the edge.

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Video: FantoVision edge computers
Video: FantoVision edge computer for high-bandwidth vision

FantoVision is a new generation of ultra-compact computers specially designed for high-bandwidth vision on the edge. Overcome bandwidth limitations in high-speed, high-resolution and/or multi-camera applications with FantoVision’s compression, processing and storage capabilities!

Gidel FPGA modules presentation video
Video: Gidel's FPGA modules at Embedded World 2022

Gidel founder and CTO explains the benefits of Gidel’s Intel-based high-performance FPGA modules for fast and easy development

Gidel ultra-compact FPGA modules comparison table
Ultra-compact FPGA modules comparison table

Key features of all modules at a glance


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