FantoVision 20 Edge Computer

Edge computer with 10GigE and Camera Link interface

Video, Machine Vision and AI Inferences on the Edge
Gidel’s FantoVision 20™ is a pioneering compact computer enabling image acquisition and processing from 2 x 10GigE Vision and from 80- bit or Dual-Base Camera Link cameras. The FantoVision’s innovative architecture merges high-end image acquisition with real-time image processing and/or compression using Nvidia Jetson™ embedded computer with optional pre-processing/compression on Intel Arria 10™ FPGA. The Jetson boasts up to 21 TOPS AI compute capability using Nvidia’s comprehensive libraries. The GPU and FPGA interconnect via 4-lane PCIe capable of up to 20 Gb/s. With up to Tera Byte+ SSD, the system can perform demanding real-time processing, compression, and recording. The FPGA is fortified with up to 10 GB DDR4 @ 200 Gb/s.

Open Customizable Image Processing
The FantoVision is also distinct in its open architecture enabling embedded AI/image processing on GPU and FPGA. Software engineers can program their algorithms on GPU using CUDA C/C++ and NVIDIA’s AI libraries. In addition, developing and deploying optional preprocessing block on FPGA is simple and fast using Gidel’s novel ProcVision™ Suite.

Scalable Solution
The FantoVision opens the way for new compact, cost-effective, scalable vision and imaging solutions for high-bandwidth, low-latency applications. Multi-FantoVision units can be interconnected to provide unique and scalable topologies. Using Gidel’s InfiniVision™ open frame grabber flow, 100+ sensors can be synchronized and processed simultaneously.

Camera interfaces
2 x 10GigE-Vision
Camera Link (up to 80-bit/Dual-Base)
Host interfaces
1x GigE
1x USB 3.1/2.0
Embedded computer
NVIDIA Jetson Orin and Xavier NX
(For availability of Orin NX, contact Gidel)
Jetson computer resources
Up to 6-core Nvidia ARM CPU
GPU: up to 384 cores + 48 Tensor Cores (Nvidia Volta)
Up to 21 TOPS AI computation
Up to 8 GB LPDDR4 @ 51.2 GB/s
H.264/5, VP9 encoding/decoding
Intel Arria 10 – 160/270/660
FPGA resources
160K/270K/660K LEs
2GB – 10GB DDR4 @ up to 25.6 GB/s
Up to 2,133 M20Ks
Up to 3,374 18 x 19 multipliers
Up to 16 I/O PLLs
GPU-FPGA interconnectivity
PCIe Gen 3 x4 @ up to 20 Gb/s

FantoVision 20 is available with active or passive cooling.
Additional customization is available upon request – e.g. different Jetson Processor or frame grabber FPGA.
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Arria 10 160 GX | Arria 10 270 GX | Arria 10 660 GX
Embedded Computer
Jetson Xavier NX | Jetson Orin NX
For availability of Orin NX, contact Gidel.
Passive cooling | Active cooling (fan)

AI/Algorithm Development

The FantoVision 20 edge computer is supported by NVIDIA’s libraries enabling to develop algorithms/AI on the Jetson via CUDA C/C++.

ProcVision Developer’s Suite

The ProcVision Developer’s Suite provides a powerful set of tools for customizing the frame grabber acquisition path and for developing, testing and verifying the on-FPGA image processing block. The tools include means for developing both the image processing FPGA code and the software application driver. The ProcVision Suite includes:

  • CertifEye Toolchain: Enables instant debugging and validation of the FPGA image processing IP(s) and the ISP pipeline
  • InfiniVision: Frame grabber flow for multi cameras/sensors enabling real-time compression and synchronization of 100+ cameras
  • CamSim: Camera simulator for developing and testing imaging and vision applications
  • Proc Dev Kit: Allows you to fully tailor your grabber’s Application Support Package (ASP) including integration with software
  • Utilities: Load new designs, scan FPGAs, etc.

PDF file
FantoVision20 Datasheet

PDF file - 1.9 MB

Video: Image processing acceleration on NVIDIA Jetson embedded computer

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Video: Overcoming bandwidth limitations when imaging on the edge

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Video: FantoVision edge computers
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A short video introduction to FantoVision edge computers

Video: FantoVision presentation at Embedded World show 2022
FantoVision at Embedded World 2022

Gidel founder and CTO introduces the FantoVision models


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