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Gidel’s compute acceleration boards, frame grabbers and edge computers are supported by a Developer’s suite enabling developing and seamlessly integrating the user software application and the FPGA code. For Vision and Imaging applications, the ProcVision suite enables software development based on grabbers’ APIs, and, for advanced users, customization of different grabbing flavors, on-board real-time image processing, and system architecture. Customization can be performed for software, I/O interface, and FPGA design code (HDL).  The suite includes tools for automatic generation of the board’s Application Support Package (ASP), including the software driver, the HDL  top-level envelop, interface bridges, and Gidel proprietary IPs such as JPEG/Qaulity+ compression, and the MultiPort memory controller enabling simultaneous multi-application access to the frame grabber.

Tools to simplify and speed up your development process

Camera Simulators

CoaXPress and Camera Link camera/machine simulator

InfiniVision Frame Grabber

Multi-Camera Frame Grabbing and Processing System

JPEG compression

Real-time JPEG compression for high-performance camera streams

Lossless compression

Real-time lossless compression for monochrome, Bayer, RGB and more

Quality+ compression

Real-time compression with improved SNR compared to original image at exceptional compression ratio

Proc Dev Kit

Allows for the tailoring and seamlessly integrating the software and FPGA via automatic :

  • Mapping the FPGA board’s resources to the application(s) needs
  • Generating ASP (Application Support Package)
  • Multi-program parallel access (to the same FPGA)
  • Building a custom frame grabber, e.g., each tap representing a unique camera
  • Adding and configuring FPGA imaging and vision algorithms, including custom code
  • Combining several grabbing and image processing flows for single or multiple cameras, e.g., real-time image processing using ProcFG and in parallel, recording compressed incoming data using InfiniVision
Dev. Tools Datasheet
ProcVision Developer’s Suite

The ProcVision Developer’s Suite provides a powerful set of tools for customizing the frame grabber acquisition path and for developing, testing and verifying the on-FPGA image processing block. The tools include means for developing both the image processing FPGA code and the software application. The ProcVision Suite includes:

  • CertifEye Toolchain: Enables instant debugging and validation of the FPGA image processing IP(s) and the ISP pipeline
  • ProcFG: Frame grabber flow enabling ROI capture and real-time image processing – supported by software and API
  • InfiniVision: Frame grabber flow for multi cameras/sensors enabling real-time compression and synchronization of 100+ cameras
  • CamSim: Camera simulator for developing and testing imaging and vision applications
  • ProcDev Kit: Allows you to fully tailor your grabber’s Application Support Package (ASP) including integration with software
  • TotalHistory: Access wide and virtually unlimited FPGA signal tracing depth (promotional inclusion in ProcVision)
  • Utilities: Load new designs, scan FPGAs, etc.
ProcVision Datasheet
ProcFG Grabber Suite
  • Includes ProcFG FPGA acquisition flow + image processing pipeline and software API and GUI
  • Optimized for vision systems that use FPGA acceleration
  • Optimized for line scan vision applications using reference images
  • Supports multiple cameras, including different camera standards
  • Multi-cameras can be used in a single or multiple process/program simultaneously
  • Selective ROI grabbing for ultra-high acquisition rate and data offloading
  • Supports GenICam streaming (optional)
  • Option for adding user image processing block on FPGA
  • Supports all Gidel frame grabbers
ProcVision Datasheet
InfiniVision Grabber Suite
  • Includes InfiniVision FPGA acquisition flow + image processing pipeline and software API and GUI
  • Optimized for grabbing from multiple cameras, including from multiple frame grabbers
  • Ability to grab compressed images/video
  • Can join multi-camera synchronized data into highly compact frames
  • Simultaneous grabbing from different camera types and image sizes
  • Designed for high system reliability of multi-camera systems
  • Optional console display of multi-camera grabbing
  • Option for adding system frame header to synchronize all related data, e.g., sample time, frame number, position, etc.
  • Supports all Gidel frame grabbers
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