Defense systems

High-bandwidth imaging and signal processing for advanced defense systems

Defense systems require a high level of accuracy, speed and reliability. They should also rely on standards for maximal interoperability. The technology should be easy to use and maintain, and not require extensive training or complex procedures to operate. Finally, it should provide the necessary capabilities at a reasonable cost and offer long-term value for money.

Gidel provides advanced technical solutions for image acquisition, processing and signal transmission that can be used in defense systems such as surveillance, targeting, tracking or telecommunications. These include compact edge computers, frame grabbers and image processing acceleration technology for high-speed, high-resolution vision applications as well as FPGA acceleration platforms and modules for the easy and fast development of robust solutions.

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White Paper: Image Processing at Gigapixels per Second

Advanced vision systems rely on one or multiple high-resolution, high-speed cameras. These capture and deliver multiple gigapixels per second that need to be processed and/or compressed in real-time. While camera sensor technology and supporting interfaces are quickly evolving, traditional PCIe/CPU/GPU-based PC-architectures are lacking the required performance to capture, process, and store images at such data rates.

Video: FantoVision edge computers
Video: FantoVision edge computer for high-bandwidth vision

FantoVision is a new generation of ultra-compact computers specially designed for high-bandwidth vision on the edge. Overcome bandwidth limitations in high-speed, high-resolution and/or multi-camera applications with FantoVision’s compression, processing and storage capabilities!

Video clip: Gidel frame grabbers
Video: Gidel frame grabbers for high-bandwidth image acquisition

Boost your vision! Gidel’s high-performance GigE Vision, Camera Link and CoaXPress frame grabbers help overcome bandwidth bootlenecks in high-resolution and/or high-speed computer vision applications.

Gidel FPGA modules presentation video
Video: Gidel FPGA modules at Embedded World 2022

Gidel founder and CTO Reuven Weintraub explains the benefits of Gidel’s Intel-based high-performance FPGA modules for fast and easy development at the Embedded World Show 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Massive MIMO for mobile antenna system diagram
Case study: Gidel FPGA boards used for next generation wireless communication research

Real-time processing used by German research team in experimental wireless communication base station.


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