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Gidel is a technology leader in high performance accelerators utilizing FPGAs

For 30 years, Gidel has been a technology leader in FPGA-based imaging and vision solutions. When high data rate applications require real-time processing, low latency, or high customization options, customers partner with Gidel. Our customers benefit from Gidel’s world class FPGA platforms, development tools, expertise in algorithms, and design services. Gidel’s easy-to-use system development tools significantly reduce customers’ time to market and production of FPGA-based acceleration systems.

Typical applications are edge computing, mission-critical systems, embedded vision, and data centers. Besides custom solutions, Gidel also features a broad range of high-bandwidth frame grabbers for 10, 40, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet, CoaXPress and Camera Link as well as diverse off-the-shelf PCIe FPGA boards and FPGA modules.

Today Gidel’s solutions can be found in markets such as Security, DNA Research, Machine Learning, Imaging, and Vision. Gidel’s reconfigurable platforms and development tools are used for optimal application tailoring, reducing the time and cost of project development.  Gidel’s dedicated support, product performance, advanced development tools, and long life cycles have been well appreciated by satisfied customers who continuously use these products, generation after generation.

Our history

30 years of expertise to boost your vision

Technology Leadership

Prior to 1997, each algorithm or solution accelerated by Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) — designed to be configured by a customer or a designer after manufacturing (hence, “field-programmable”) — required the building of dedicated hardware.

In 1997 Gidel developed simple, easy-to-use software tools for using generic FPGA boards to accelerate diverse types of algorithms in an optimized manner. Gidel also saw how software engineers could use FPGAs to accelerate their software and realized that FPGAs would provide the next wave of acceleration.

With this project-level approach in mind and a goal of making FPGAs easy to use, Gidel created powerful and advanced tools for high-performance system development. In 1998 Gidel began providing its in-house test systems, and has been continuously developing innovative FPGA-based reconfigurable systems and development tools for diverse applications for more than 25 years.

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Gidel values its customers — they have made Gidel the company that it is today.
Gidel sees its customers as long-term partners, and that viewpoint is appreciated and reciprocated. Here’s what some of Gidel’s customers have to say:

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Oren H. Yogev CEO, Replay Technologies

“I have been impressed with Gidel’s professionalism from the beginning. They demonstrated strong expertise in their field and were able to meet our aggressive specifications and time-line. They understood our goals and objectives and presented us with a competitive solution to our needs. Gidel has proven to be a great Technology Partner.”

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Dr Alan George, Director of CHREC and Professor of ECE at the University of Florida

“I am very excited about the performance, versatility, and programmability, as well as the low energy and cost, of this new technology from Gidel and Altera and look forward to using it on research projects in CHREC. Gidel and Altera technologies are featured in our Novo-G system here at the NSF Center for High-Performance and Reconfigurable Computing (CHREC), where more than 400 FPGAs spanning three technology generations are being used for a wide variety of research in application acceleration and system emulation.”

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Carlos Carreras, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

“We selected Gidel PROCStar III boards as they provided the appropriate computing power, a specific FPGA to handle the PCI-express interface, and mainly the possibility of attaching multiple DDR memories to each FPGA, a critical aspect in many HPC applications that Gidel had cleverly anticipated. In addition, their Multiport technology accessible through the ProcWizard tool simplified the burden of dealing with the PCI-e and DDR interfaces. Since then, we have been working in close collaboration with Gidel, whose support has always been excellent. Today, acceleration of HPC applications remains an active field of research in the group and Gidel’s PROCStar IV boards remain our platform of choice, as they allow us to achieve excellent performance and to target complex CFD problems even dealing with unstructured meshes.”

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Bill Turri Group Leader, UDRI

“The University of Dayton Research Institute has been developing advanced image and video processing solutions using Gidel FPGA cards since 2008. We have used Gidel’s PROCStar-III, PROCe-IV and PROCe-V boards together with their ProcWizard design tools, and are looking forward to continuing to work with their line of FPGA cards. Their products are cost effective and highly reliable, their software greatly improves our time to results, and their technical support is among the best we’ve ever received. Using Gidel’s products, together with Altera’s FPGAs and development software, have helped us meet tight deadlines that may not have been possible otherwise.”

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