Image Compression

Boost your vision with Gidel's powerful compression algorithms

Gidel has been innovating in compression algorithms for 30 years.
Our technology allows real-time compression in demanding image processing high-end applications.

Gidel’s ground breaking compression IPs for FPGAs achieve top-class performance capabilities with impressive throughput of 1.2 G Pixels/s and beyond, high compression ratios, and low FPGA footprint.  Gidel offers JPEG, Lossless and its patented Quality+ compression.

Quality+ is a pioneering compression algorithm that reduces the image’s signal to noise ratio, compared to the original image, while achieving compression ratios of as much as 20:1.  The Quality+ achieves these unique capabilities via algorithms that are based on training.

Relevant products

JPEG Compression

Real-time JPEG compression for high-performance camera streams

Lossless compression

Real-time lossless compression for monochrome, Bayer, RGB and more

Quality+ Compression

Real-time compression with improved SNR compared to original image at exceptional compression ratio

Proc Developer's Kit Block Diagram

Compression in the FPGA data flow

Video: Image processing acceleration on NVIDIA Jetson embedded computer

Demo at the Embedded World 2024 show

Video: Overcoming bandwidth limitations when imaging on the edge

InVision TechTalk webinar held on Sept. 19, 2023

Compressing image data, not image quality

As today’s cameras deliver higher resolutions and frame rates and new systems architectures such as vision on the edge have bandwidth limitations, compression becomes a key challenge for advanced image processing applications. But how can the data throughput be reduced without jeopardizing the image and inspection quality?

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