Quality+ Compression

Real-time image enhanced compression for monochrome, Bayer, RGB and more

  • Real-time compression of Color Filter Array (e.g., Bayer), RGB, Monochrome images. For other image formats, contact Gidel.
  • Image enhancement – improved signal to noise ratio (SNR) in comparison to original image.
  • Compression of camera rates beyond 1.2 Giga pixel/s
  • IP for FPGA-based frame grabbers
  • Supported by the Gidel InfiniVision IP for acquisition from multi-cameras/sensors

Gidel’s Quality+ (Q+) IP, targeting FPGAs, performs compression for Color Filter Array (CFA – e.g., Bayer), Monochrome, and RGB images and videos. Q+ offers a market unique solution for real-time compression of high-bandwidth image streams to achieve compression ratios as high as 1:20 while improving the quality of the image in comparison to the original image.

How is this possible? Gidel’s patented FPGA based algorithms use training to optimize both spatial and temporal compression. Q+ improves the image’s signal to noise ratio (SNR) by removing artifacts and noise that degraded the original image quality. The final decompressed images appear sharper than the original images!

The IP is supported by Gidel’s comprehensive eco-system allowing tailoring optimized solutions that may include image processing, vision algorithms and a concurrent recording system. Recording system may also be complemented by Gidel’s CamSim playback system.

The compression can be optimized either by pre-training based on sample images data or by on-the-fly training based on real-time data.

Target applications:

  • Recording Systems
  • Broadcasting and Video
  • Smart Cities
  • Surveillance
  • Autonomous cars
Supported image formats
Color Filter Array (e.g., Bayer), RGB, Monochrome images. For other image formats, contact Gidel.
Compression modes
1. Pre-training
2. On-the-fly training
>1.2 GPixel/s
Decompression latency
< 1 frame period

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On-the-fly optimization
using real-time training algorithms
reducing image size and processing time

The Gidel Quality+ compression IP is supported by a decompression software enabling:

  • Full streaming rate with a latency of less than a single frame period.
  • Binning option to reduce image size and processing time. This feature, for example, can be used for displaying videos from multi cameras during a recording session.

Gidel’s Supporting Eco-System

The Gidel eco-system includes infrastructure and development tools enabling to quickly develop a high-end custom FPGA frame grabber with real-time compression and image processing capabilities. The eco-system includes:

  • FPGA Frame Grabber and Image Processing Systems
    Gidel offers FPGA-based systems with open reconfigurable acquisition flow allowing the user to customize the grabbing and to add user image processing blocks including the compression IP. The frame grabber boards interface with the host computer via PCIe or alternatively may operate as a standalone system.
  • Multi-Camera Acquisition System
    The Gidel InfiniVision is a unique image acquisition system designed for grabbing from multi-cameras/sensors. Combined with real-time compression as much as 100 camera video streams can be supported simultaneously.
  • Highly Efficient Video Recording & Playback Systems
    Based on real-time compression, Gidel offers a recording system that is exceptionally efficient in both its offloading throughput and compactness of required memory resources. This capability has significant benefits for applications with demanding bandwidth and/or memory resources, e.g., field applications. Based on Gidel’s CamSim a playback sub-system, images can then be retrieved at the original throughput for a variety of application tasks.
  • Proc Developer’s Kit
    The Proc Developer’s tools enable to map the FPGA board to the desired data flow and interfaces. The following figure demonstrates one possible implementation using InfiniVision, compression and custom image processing.
  • Gidel Customization Services
    Based on 25 year experience, Gidel offers customization services for developing tailored Vision/Imaging systems incorporating compression according
    to the customer’s specifications. Gidel takes advantage of its uniquely flexible and powerful infrastructure to quickly implement the target application within impressive short time spans.

InfiniVision grabber flow with compression

PDF file
Quality+ Compression Datasheet

PDF file - 503KB

InfiniVision grabber flow with compression
Proc Developer's Kit Block Diagram

Compression in the FPGA data flow

Video: Image processing acceleration on NVIDIA Jetson embedded computer

Demo at the Embedded World 2024 show

TechTalk Embedded Vision webinar: Overcoming bandwidth limitations when imaging on the edge
Video: Overcoming bandwidth limitations when imaging on the edge

InVision TechTalk webinar held on Sept. 19, 2023

Comparison of uncompressed and compressed ROI image with Gidel Quality+ lossless compression
Compressing image data, not image quality

As today’s cameras deliver higher resolutions and frame rates and new systems architectures such as vision on the edge have bandwidth limitations, compression becomes a key challenge for advanced image processing applications. But how can the data throughput be reduced without jeopardizing the image and inspection quality?

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