Camera Link frame grabbers

High-performance Camera Link frame grabbers

The HawkEye-CL frame grabber is Camera Link Rev. 2.0 compliant, offering a number of options , from plug-and-play grabbers to a full system solution that includes acquisition and on-FPGA processing. The HawkEye-CL combines Camera Link 80-bit (DECA) acquisition, PCIe Gen. 3 x8 host interface, image buffers of up to 16 GB, real-time compression, and ability to offload Regions Of Interest (ROI) for efficient bandwidth utilization. The grabber enables the use of 1+ GPixels/s Lossless, JPEG and Quality+ encoders – four times the pixel frequency of any other available solution.

FPGA Vision Development Suite
Gidel’s grabber systems are supported by the ProcVision Developer’s Suite that enables users to tailor their Vision flows in an intuitive and simple manner by customizing both the software and the FPGA design code for different frame grabbing flavors. The kit includes the ProcFG and InfiniVision frame grabber GUIs, APIs and supporting libraries. The Gidel Proc Dev Kit enables automatic generation of Application Support Packages (ASPs), and includes Gidel’s CamSim (camera simulator) as well as tools for debugging and verifying FPGA ISP IPs.

Camera Link Edge Computers
The Gidel FantoVision 20 Edge computer is a market unique solution combining Camera Link grabbers with an NVIDIA Jetson computer in an ultra compact form factor. FantoVision enables image pre-processing on FPGA, including compression, and further real-time processing on the Jetson computer using NVIDIA’s CUDA-based image processing and AI libraries.

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HawkEye-CL block diagram

System block diagram


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