Gidel FPGA Libraries

Make the most of your FPGA resources!

With over 30 years of expertise in FPGA development, Gidel offers a variety FPGA Libraries for diverse applications needs, including system libs, Vision/Imaging libs, and Compression libs.

Gidel’s FPGA libraries  provide off-the-shelf ready to use solutions that have been used by customers over several decades to achieve their tailored system, algorithms, and compute acceleration requirements.  Combined with Gidel’s innovative development tools, library components (IPs) can be integrated virtually seamlessly, and the development process is very simple and extremely fast. Gidel’s IPs are renowned for their power, flexibility, and efficient use of the FPGA resources.

The Gidel systems enable virtualization on FPGA. This powerful feature  is the result of Gidel’s innovative architecture that allows simultaneous access of multiple applications to the user’s FPGA design.

The Gidel FPGA libraries include:

  • System Libs: Multiport, MultiFIFO, MegaDelay, Total History, etc.
  • Global Libs: Pof/SofLoader, IPScan, board identifier, temperature monitor, etc.
  • GIL – Camera Interfaces Libs: CXP-12, 1-20 GigE, Camera Link, custom camera interface
  • GIL – Image Acquisition Libs: ProcFG, InfiniVision, Custom multiple I/Fs
  • GIL – Image Processing System Libs: Rate control, line delay, etc.
  • GIL – Imaging/Vision Acquisition: Debayer, Color ORV, Binning, open/close morphology, histogram, etc.
  • GIL – Debug/Testing/Validation Libs: CertifEye, TotalHistory
  • GIL – Compression Libs: JPEG, lossless, Quality+, integration of 3rd party
  • GIL – GEN<i>CAM Libs: Camera control and streaming

Relevant products

JPEG Compression

Real-time JPEG compression for high-performance camera streams

Lossless Compression

Real-time lossless compression for monochrome, Bayer, RGB and more

Quality+ Compression

Real-time compression with improved SNR compared to original image at exceptional compression ratio


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Gidel IP families overview

All Gidel IPs at a glance


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