Custom FPGA Development Solutions

Three levels of customization

Gidel’s offerings include both application-specific and open infrastructure solutions with tremendous flexibility to meet diverse compute acceleration and vision/imaging possibilities.

We offer three levels of solutions, catering to different market needs:

  1. A fully developed solution ready for immediate use without any need for FPGA modification. Examples of such solutions include edge computer, frame grabbers, and camera simulators.
  2. A fully open FPGA solution that may be used as the base for modifying data flow and implementing algorithms on the FPGA. For this type of solution, the Gidel Proc Dev Kit and  Proc Vision suite simplify the development and optimizes system performance.
  3. A fully tailored solution based on Gidel’s existing infrastructure and vast R&D experience, including algorithm research and customization for optimized FPGA usage. This option provides users with optimal acquisition capability and subsystem acceleration tailored to their application specifications.


Customized solutions


Gidel’s innovative developer’s suite offers a market unique solution for developing high-end custom FPGA systems within remarkable short time spans.  Gidel’ tools are designed to achieve maximum performance and reliability.  This is achieved by automatic generation of the FPGA wrapper environment, the host interface, and the software driver.  Software and FPGA designers can develop independently and integrate seamlessly.

  • Gidel’s development tools include:
    • Proc Dev Kit: powerful kit for developing on FPGA and integrating with software
    • ProcVision Suite: comprehensive ecosystem for developing custom vision/imaging systems
  • Gidel’s open FPGA systems enable customization of:
    • Interface
    • Data protocol
    • User data/image processing
    • System architecture
    • System virtualization allowing simultaneous and fully independent multi-application access to the system.
    • Configurable memory controller
    • Configurable I/O interface
    • Custom board support package
    • Custom API
    • Seamless integration of Gidel Libs (IPs)
    • Flexible system topology
    • Custom computer combining FPGA with NVIDIA Jetson systems

Gidel’s ecosystem for developing vision/imaging systems

Gidel’s ecosystem for vision and imaging applications includes:

  • High-performance FPGA frame grabbers and edge computers supporting GigE-Vision, CoaXPress, Camera Link and custom cameras
  • FantoVision edge computers combining FPGA and NVIDIA Jeston system for enhanced AI vision capabilities
  • InfiniVision grabber architecture for multi-camera acquisition from as much as 100 cameras simultaneously, and for real-time compression
  • ProcFG grabber architecture optimized for line scan camera applications and enables selective ROI on-the-fly
  • Open acquisition flow enabling embedding user’s image processing, compression, and Gidel Library components (IPs).
  • Real-time image compression IPs, including JPEG, Lossless, and Gidel’s patented Quality+
  • Highly efficient recording system complemented by Gidel’s CamSim playback system
  • Option for customized camera interfaces and protocols
  • ProcVision Development Suite for accelerated development of custom vision and imaging systems on FPGA
  • CertifEye test bench for testing and verification of user’s image processing IPs using Gidel’s CamSim camera simulator.

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