Leading Semiconductor Company Brings New 360-Degree Camera Solution to Market Utilizing Gidel’s InfiniVision Technology

Gidel’s InfiniVision technology enables companies developing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products to capture high quality image content from a large array of cameras in order to create panoramic 360-degree content for next generation immersive fan experiences across media, sports, and entertainment.


Gidel helped design a custom FPGA I/O card to create a 360-degree camera system for a leading semiconductor company. The Image Sensor Group of the Consumer Solutions Division of that company produces a 360-degree camera system for the VR market. Gidel designed a custom FPGA I/O hardware and software API to capture images from 24 MIPI cameras simultaneously. The semiconductor company’s technology provider Intel recommended Gidel to develop their solution, due to Gidel’s forté in FPGA-based imaging and vision systems.

Gidel’s hardware and software capabilities made them the perfect choice to customize a product to meet the semiconductor company’s  application requirements. Their custom camera interface platform helped enable an interface to those 24 MIPI cameras. Each of Gidel’s FPGA I/O cards can support up to six MIPI cameras, so four such FPGA I/O cards captured image content from 24 cameras in order to create the solution.

Gidel’s cards helped aggregate the frame data from each camera to the host storage, and Gidel ensured that all 24 cameras were synchronized in exposure timing and duration, white balance, color rendering, and gamma correction. Gidel’s I/O cards made sure that camera enumeration, initialization, and synchronization were fully completed in order to create a panoramic 360-degree image.

Gidel also developed a software API to support this FPGA I/O card, which allowed software engineers to be able to have system-level control of tasks such as camera reset and initialization.

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