Category: Press release

Gidel CamSim camera simulator now supports CXP-12 interface

Gidel announces an upgrade to their CamSim camera simulator with CoaXPress interface from CXP-6 to CXP-12. With this changes, developers can design and test systems with higher image acquisition bandwidth. CamSim is a flexible high-performance camera simulator that generates CoaXPress and Camera Link video stream and test patterns for testing frame grabbers or vision/imaging systems. […]

Gidel First to Market with 100 Gb/s CoaXPress 12 Frame Grabber

Gidel, a technology leader in cutting-edge Vision and Imaging solutions based on FPGAs, today announced a new line of frame grabbers that double the bandwidth of any other grabber on the market. The Proc10A cXp12 and HawkEye_cXp12 are both based on Arria 10 FPGAs and deliver tremendous real-time processing capacity and memory resources, supporting up to eight PoCXP12 links to provide up to 100 Gb/s throughput (10,000 Mb/s). The Proc10A cXp12 enables the use of eight 500+ MPixels/s lossless and JPEG encoders, doubling the pixel frequency of each encoder over that of similar products. The higher-end grabber can process at least as fast as 2 GPixels/s per camera.

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