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Video: Overcoming bandwidth limitations of vision on the edge

Edge computing is gaining ground in the vision industry. However, it is struggling with bandwidth and latency limitations when it comes to high-resolution, high-speeda and/or complex multi-camera systems. This presentation explores the bandwidth bottlenecks and technical challenges and investigates technical solutions to implement high-bandwidth, low-latency imaging with AI processing on the edge.

White Paper: Image Processinhg at Gigapixels per Second

Advanced vision systems rely on one or multiple high-resolution, high-speed cameras. These capture and deliver multiple gigapixels per second that need to be processed and/or compressed in real-time. While camera sensor technology and supporting interfaces are quicky evolving, traditional PCIe/CPU/GPU-based PC-architectures are lacking the required performance to capture, process, and store images at such data […]

Gidel First to Market with 100 Gb/s CoaXPress 12 Frame Grabber

Gidel, a technology leader in cutting-edge Vision and Imaging solutions based on FPGAs, today announced a new line of frame grabbers that double the bandwidth of any other grabber on the market. The Proc10A cXp12 and HawkEye_cXp12 are both based on Arria 10 FPGAs and deliver tremendous real-time processing capacity and memory resources, supporting up to eight PoCXP12 links to provide up to 100 Gb/s throughput (10,000 Mb/s). The Proc10A cXp12 enables the use of eight 500+ MPixels/s lossless and JPEG encoders, doubling the pixel frequency of each encoder over that of similar products. The higher-end grabber can process at least as fast as 2 GPixels/s per camera.

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