Gidel’s products and solutions

Advanced technology for high-performance imaging

Seeking to design high-bandwidth AI/imaging systems? Gidel is your partner of choice! Gidel’s GigE Vision frame grabbers capture images at 20-100+ Gb/s with zero frame loss and nearly zero CPU overhead. Take advantage of this unique performance on your PC with our PCIe boards or in our stand-alone compact edge computers. With our optional FPGA processing options, perform image correction and compression at full speed and with low latency to focus your full CPU power on your application.

High-speed frame grabbers

Zero frame loss at 20~100+ Gb/s | Multi-camera support | Edge computers with built-in frame grabbers

Boost your vision/AI application!

With Gidel frame grabbers, achieve maximal performance and minimal latency with zero frame loss.

Free up CPU capacity for your application by offloading tasks to the frame grabber FPGA. Gidel’s acceleration options perform image processing at full speed on FPGA. Take advantage of Gidel’s unique real-time compression algorithms to reduce the quantity of data to be processed by your application.

Our acceleration options

Full-speed image processing on frame grabber FPGA | Advanced image correction | Real-time, high-quality compression
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