GigE frame grabbers

GigE-Vision Frame Grabbing and Image Processing Family

High Performance GigE Vision Grabbers
The Gidel GigE-Vision frame grabbing and real-time image processing family offers a variety of flavors, including the 2 x 10 GigE HawkEye family, the 70 GigE Proc10A family, the 400 GigE Proc10S family, and the 800 GigE Proc10N/M family. The frame grabbers’ high-end capabilities guarantee 100% frame capture with no frame loss while consuming virtually zero host CPU processing. The grabbers support link aggregation, chunk data (payload type: 0x4001) transmission, ROI capture capability, and comprehensive system I/Os.

Gidel’s GigE-Vision frame grabbers accommodate diverse application needs, from a plug-and-play high-performance frame grabber to a fully customized system solution comprising acquisition, FPGA image processing, real-time image compression, multi-camera synchronization and complex I/O system control.

FPGA Vision Development Suite
The boards are supported by the ProcVision Suite for developing, testing and verifying the user image processing block on the frame grabber’s FPGA. The suite also includes the InfiniVision grabber flow that supports acquisition from 100+ cameras concurrently, on-FPGA image compression, and ability to synchronize all cameras.

FantoVision: Embedded Computer with Integrated Frame Grabbers
Need a ready-to-use, compact solution for image processing on the edge? Check out our FantoVision embedded computers with integrated GigE Vision and Camera Link or CoaXPress frame grabbers!

Frame Grabbers

Our frame grabber board for your system

HawkEye 20GigE

Dual-Port 10 GigE Frame-Grabbing & Image Processing System


Ultra high-performance Stratix 10 MX for real-time processing

Proc1C10N 10GigE

Ultra-high-performance Stratix 10 NX for real-time AI processing

Edge Computers

Our ready-to-use edge computers with built-in 10GigE frame grabber


Edge Computer with integrated 2x10GigE frame grabber


Edge Computer with integrated 4x10GigE frame grabber

GigE frame grabbers resources

System block diagram

GigE frame grabber system block diagram

Video: Gidel frame grabbers and edge computers

Presentation at the Embedded World show 2024

Gidel Frame grabbers introduction

Gidel high-performance frame grabbers at Embedded World 2022


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