Author: Jean-Philippe Roman

Gidel CamSim camera simulator now supports CXP-12 interface

Gidel announces an upgrade to their CamSim camera simulator with CoaXPress interface from CXP-6 to CXP-12. With this changes, developers can design and test systems with higher image acquisition bandwidth. CamSim is a flexible high-performance camera simulator that generates CoaXPress and Camera Link video stream and test patterns for testing frame grabbers or vision/imaging systems. […]

Gidel’s Unique Direct FPGA Connectivity Technology Utilized to Create Fastest Reconfigurable Supercomputer in the World for CHREC

Gidel’s low-latency, full duplex direct FPGA connectivity technology enables clients to create Reconfigurable Interconnect Frameworks for HPC clusters. This cutting-edge technology from Gidel has no CPU overhead and provides flexibility to achieve diverse optimum system topologies, including 3D and 12D-Torus, and 6D and 24D-Hypercube, which are vital to building the HPC infrastructure required to process large compute-intensive workloads.

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