Custom image grabbing and processing

Three levels of customization

Gidel’s offerings include both application-specific and open infrastructure solutions with tremendous flexibility to meet diverse vision/imaging possibilities.

We offer three levels of  compute acceleration and vision/imaging solutions, catering to different market needs:

  1. A fully developed solution ready for immediate use without any need for FPGA modification. Examples of such solutions include frame grabbers and camera simulators.
  2. A fully open FPGA solution that may be used as the base for modifying data flow and implementing algorithms on the FPGA. For this type of solution, the Gidel Proc Vision suite simplifies the development and optimizes system performance.
  3. A fully tailored solution based on Gidel’s existing infrastructure and vast R&D experience, including algorithm research and customization for optimized FPGA usage. This option provides users with optimal acquisition capability and subsystem acceleration tailored to their application specifications.


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Gidel’s technology and facilitating ecosystem includes:
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Customized Solutions
  • Open FPGA infrastructure for user customization
  • Gidel-tailored solutions according customer specification
  • Modular building blocks:
    • Reconfigurable FPGAs
    • Camera Interfaces
    • Image and Data Processing IPs
  • Gidel Developer’s ToolsProcWizard Application, HLS, OpenCL, API, and HDL libraries
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