Gidel Launches Real-Time JPEG Compression IP with 4x GreaterThroughput Utilization Ratio than Comparable Products

FPGA specialist rounds out set of tools for open infrastructure, frame grabbing, and processing solutions.

Gidel, a technology leader in cutting-edge Vision and Imaging solutions based on FPGAs, today announced a new JPEG compression IP with real-time processing capability, low latency, and compact FPGA resource utilization. Gidel’s JPEG compression IP has the highest throughput ratio available, combined with very low resource utilization, making it extremely compact despite its very high performance capability. This ratio is 4x better than the best IPs currently available on the market. The IP is also unique in that it can accommodate virtually unlimited image widths.

Gidel has been creating IPs and FPGA-based Vision and Imaging products for 25 years, and its latest IPs have focused on real-time JPEG and lossless compression. Gidel’s lossless compression allows low latency, real-time data compression that can be perfectly reconstructed with no loss of data. Gidel’s compression IPs are utilized by a diverse range of customers and were developed in response to a request for better performing compression capabilities from one of its strategic clients.

Gidel’s JPEG compression IP is well suited for high pixel rate cameras, large images, multiple camera/sensor systems, and memory-constrained systems that require real-time compression with efficient and high-performance capabilities. Examples include field recording systems, surveillance, smart cities, autonomous cars, embedded vision, and broadcasting.

“Real-time compression capability provides a number of advantages in storage and efficiency,” notes Ofer Pravda, VP Marketing & Sales at Gidel. “Compressed data can be stored in real-time, as opposed to systems that store the raw data on huge memory banks and then compress offline at a later date. Additionally, compressed data can be offloaded more efficiently to host computer memory, increasing total storage bandwidth.”

The JPEG compression IP is supported by Gidel’s comprehensive ecosystem of infrastructure and development tools that allow clients to tailor optimized solutions for a diverse range of demanding Vision/Imaging applications. Clients can now quickly develop a high-end custom FPGA frame grabber with real-time compression and image processing capabilities. Gidel’s offerings are all based on field-tested, off-the-shelf, ready-to-use solutions that can be complemented by Gidel’s vast experience in developing high-end solutions for time-constrained projects.

“This latest JPEG compression IP joins IPs for lossless compression and multi-camera support in Gidel’s ever-growing FPGA library for image processing,” said Reuven Weintraub, Founder and CTO, Gidel. “When combined with Gidel’s existing set of developer tools the JPEG compression IP provides an advanced end-to-end solution for high-end embedded imaging and vision applications. Gidel also offers completely
customized solutions for clients who need unique acceleration algorithms for Vision and Imaging.”

There are no equivalent solutions available on the market today that feature high-performance and fully customizable image grabbing and processing. Gidel’s bundle of Vision and Imaging infrastructure, IPs, development tools, and vast experience allows customers to develop powerful systems within remarkably short time spans. Gidel’s unique offering has played a pivotal role in the success of many of its customers, from small start-ups to renowned international corporations.

Visit Gidel at stand 1/11 at VISION in Stuttgart, Germany from 6–8 November for a demo of the JPEG
compression IP.

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