ProcVision Development Suite

Toolchain for accelerated development of custom high-end Vision/Imaging systems

  • Customizable acquisition path based on Gidel’s InfiniVision and ProcFG architectures
  • Virtualization of Vision/Imaging system functionality
  • Inline Image Signal Processing (ISP)
  • Inline image compression, including Quality+, JPG, and Lossless
  • CertifEye test bench for efficient validation of the user’s algorithms
  • ProcWizard suite for advanced FPGA development and software drivers


Gidel’s ProcVision suite provides a market-unique ecosystem for developing high-performance custom imaging and vision systems. Gidel offers the world’s only fully customizable image acquisition and processing systems. Using Gidel’s vision systems and development eco-system, powerful tailored systems can be achieved within remarkable short time spans – a truly market-unique solution.

The ProcVision enables customization of the acquisition path and adding Gidel or user image processing/AI algorithms in the pipeline. In addition, it is possible to add Gidel’s compression IPs, including the novel image enhancing Quality+ compression, and JPG and Lossless compressions.

The CertifEye toolchain offers an innovative tool chain for verification of the user’s algorithm.

Gidel’s unique InfiniVision architecture is optimized for multi-camera system, enabling systems that can support 100+ cameras simultaneously, where all data is packed in a single buffer, organized by synchronized time stamps.

On the basis of Gidel’s FantoVision, which merges Gidel’s acquisition technology and NVIDIA’s Jetson, powerful custom AI edge applications can be quickly developed.

Customized applications examples:

  • Broadcasting and Video
  • Augmented Reality
  • Video and Audio Compression
  • Smart Cities
  • Surveillance
  • Sorting Machines
Acquisition Rate
1-800 Gb/s, depending on the frame grabber/edge computer
Cameras Supported
GigE Vision, CoaXPress, Camera Link, MIPI6 and option for tailoring to any camera interface/protocol
Pixel Formats Supported
Mono, Bayer, RGBA (8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 bits/color) and RGB (8, 10 and 12 bits/color)
Trigger Synchronization
Up to a 100 cameras
QSFP28/SFP+ (for GigE Vision)
SDR26 (for Camera Link)
HD-BNC (for CoaXPress)
MIPI CSI-2 (for MIPI6)
VGA15-pin (for GPIO)
Option for custom connector
Intel Stratix 10 (N/M/S) and Arria 10
Host Bus
PCIe x8 Gen. 3
RS422, opto-coupler, LVTTL,, and 30V drivers

Gidel also offers part or full customization services. Contact us if you need a customized solution!

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cameras supported
GigE Vision, CoaXPress-12, Camera Link, MIPI, and user-defined
Image Signal Processing on FPGA
On-FPGA image compression: , Quality+, JPEG, Lossless
Option for Gidel to perform the customization according to user specifications

Software and Ecosystem Support:

  • InfiniVision and ProcFG open architecture supported by FPGA templates and software applications, APIs and examples
  • CertifEye test bench for testing and verification of the user algorithm IP
  • ProcWizard application for advanced FPGA users desiring to change the system architecture
  • FPGA embedded CamSim camera simulator for streaming simulation data into the user IP
  • FPGA inline Gidel compression IPs, including Quality+, JPG, and Lossless

Gidel ProcVision ecosystem overview

ProcVision Datasheet

Gidel ProcVision development kit

PDF file
InfiniVision Datasheet

PDF file - 431 KB

Gidel InfiniVision system block diagram
InfiniVision block diagram

System block diagram

Gidel Infinivision multi-camera acquisition
Case study: 360-Degree Camera Solution

Gidel’s InfiniVision technology enables companies developing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products to capture high quality image content from a large array of cameras in order to create panoramic 360-degree content for next generation immersive fan experiences across media, sports, and entertainment.


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