Imaging and Vision

Smart FPGA-based Frame Grabbing and Image Processing

For more than 25 years Gidel has been providing smart imaging and vision solutions based on its innovative FPGA platforms. Gidel’s offerings include both application-specific and open infrastructure solutions with tremendous flexibility to meet diverse vision/imaging possibilities.

Gidel’s technology and facilitating ecosystem includes:

  • High-performance FPGA frame grabbers with fast CPU-free host offload engines
  • On-board real-time image processing on powerful FPGAs
  • InfiniVision IP for multi-camera acquisition from as much as 100 cameras simultaneously, including synchronization
  • Real-time image compression IPs, including JPEG and Gidel proprietary lossless compression
  • Highly efficient recording system complemented by Gidel’s CamSim playback system
  • Standard and customized camera interfaces and protocols, including CoaXPress and Camera Link
  • Interfacing with remote cameras via Gidel’s RCLF fiber optics unit
  • Camera Simulators
  • Proprietary development tools that simplify and accelerate development on FPGA
frame grabber diagram

Gidel takes pride in its ability to provide technology, tools, and methodology that enable its customers to get started immediately and evolve quickly to realizing their custom target systems within remarkably short time spans. This capability is an outcome of Gidel’s expertise in both FPGA and vision/imaging technology, combined with over two decades of proven experience in providing outstanding solutions to market-leading companies in diverse markets.

Gidel offers three levels of vision/imaging solutions, catering to different market needs:

  1. A fully developed solution ready for immediate use without any need for FPGA modification. Examples of such solutions include frame grabbers and camera simulators.
  1. A fully open FPGA solution that may be used as the base for modifying and adding algorithms and data flow in both the FPGA and the software code. For this type of solution, the Gidel Proc Developer’s tools simplify the development and optimize system performance.
  1. A fully tailored solution based on Gidel’s existing infrastructure and vast R&D experience, including algorithm research and customization for optimized FPGA usage. This option provides users with optimal acquisition capability and subsystem acceleration tailored to their application specifications.
Hawkeye CxP

Frame Grabbers and Image Processing Systems

  • CoaXPress and Camera Link frame grabbers
  • Option for real-time, user-defined image processing on powerful FPGA
  • Option for custom camera interface and protocol
  • High performance capabilities:
    • High acquisition rate (25 Gb/s)
    • Large image buffer size (16 GB)
    • Fast, CPU-free data offload engine (64 GB/s)
  • Supported by the Gidel Developer’s suite: GUI, API, examples and ProcWizard application for developing on FPGA

InfiniVision: Multi-Camera Frame Grabbing

  • Infrastructure for acquisition and processing from multiple cameras/sensors
  • Synchronization of up to 100 cameras
  • Acquisition from varying data sizes
  • Support for CoaXPress, Camera Link, MIPI6, and any custom camera

CamSim: Camera Simulators

  • Simulates Camera Link and CoaXPress cameras
  • Ability to simulate any user-defined camera
  • Fully programmable image timing and data parameters configuration via user-friendly GUI
  • API methods for developing user simulator application
  • User-configurable camera control (CC) lines for external camera control and triggering

Remote Camera over Fiber Optic (RCLF)

  • Camera transmit distance: 2Km with an option for up to 40 Km
  • 25 Gb/s full duplex data transfer over fiber optic cable
  • Remote I/O capabilities
  • Support for all Camera Link modes, including 80-bit (DECA)
  • Option for connecting two Camera Link cameras in base mode
  • Direct connection to Gidel’s frame grabber, reducing server infrastructure cost and components

Customized Solutions

  • Open FPGA infrastructure for user customization
  • Gidel-tailored solutions according customer specification
  • Modular building blocks:
    • Reconfigurable FPGAs
    • Camera Interfaces
    • Image and Data Processing IPs
  • Gidel Developer’s ToolsProcWizard Application, HLS, OpenCL, API, and HDL libraries
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