Multi-Camera Frame Grabbing and Processing

Based on its vast experience in FPGA based Vision application, Gidel has developed a comprehensive solution for multi-camera/sensor applications. Gidel’s solutions have been used by market leading companies to achieve their target application within remarkable short time at an outstanding performance and cost-effective results. Gidel’s offering is unique in its high-performance and reliability. For more information on Gidel’s customer application examples, please contact Gidel.

The Gidel multi-camera solution includes: frame grabbers, FPGA code, software, and development tools enabling system customization.

Gidel also provides customization services.

Key Features

  • Synchronization of over 100 cameras/sensors
  • Flexibility to grab and process form an individual camera in a computer up to dozens of cameras per grabber
  • The cameras / sensors may be of different sizes and formats
  • System frame header maybe added to synchronize all related data. This header, for example, may include sample time, frame number, position, etc.
  • Option for on-FPGA compression to increase recording offloading throughput
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