Proc10M ultra-compact FPGA module

Ultra-High Performance Stratix10MX HBM2 Module

  • Stratix 10MX 2100 FPGA
  • 300 GB/s DRAM Throughput
  • Up to 128 GB DDR4 on Carrier board
  • 8 GB HBM2 DRAM
  • 72 Transceivers, up to 26 Gb/s
  • Up to 374 I/Os

The Startix10 MX offers 10X more DRAM and SRAM bandwidth than discrete DDR4 and QDR memories. Gidel’s Proc10M module is designed to enable easy use and immediate accessibility to this powerful technology for computer-based, embedded systems and edge computing.

The combination of the Proc10M’s large FPGA, huge memory bandwidth and 1,600 Gb/s IOs enables unprecedented level of processing, system compactness and cost performance. The powerful Proc10M opens the way to implement diverse innovations and high-end applications

Application examples:

  • Compact Broadcast and Image-Processing solutions enabling to grab data from multiple fast edge sensors and to perform image enhancements, processing, recognition, compression and AI inferences.
  • 5G and Radar combining high-speed digital I/O interfaces and edge computing such as FFTs to selectively reduce data and offload it via PCIe x16 or dedicated links.
  • Ultra-fast switch for wireline traffic management up to 800G and single device solution for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • AI training leveraging 128GB density, HBM2s’ huge bandwidth and the FPGA’s massive logic and DSP blocks.
Key features:
Stratix 10 MX 2100
DRAM Throughput
300 GB/s
On-board DDR4
Up to 128 GB on Carrier board
Transceivers speed
Up to 26 Gb/s
Up to 374 I/Os: 26x3.3V, 96xLVDS, 72-bit DDR4
97.4mm x 101mm
18x19 MAC

The Proc10M module has been designed for use with carrier boards to enable tailoring solutions that significantly reduce risks, costs and time to market. User carriers may incorporate any combination of Rx, Tx or full duplex transceivers.

Gidel’s off-the-shelf carrier board can be used as is for deployment or as a reference design thus further improving the ROI.

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Proc1C carrier board
Gidel’s Proc1C half-length PCIe carrier includes PCIe Gen. 3 x16, 4 xQSFP28, PHS and GPIOs. The PHS interface enables connecting board-to-board or mounting a daughter board such as Gidel’s 8 xCoaXPress 12.
Thermal management
Active or passive cooling

Proc10M is supported by Gidel’s Proc Dev Kit and ProcVision Suite:

  • Enables immediate mapping of board resources to the application needs including tailored host interface and dividing the DRAM into application logical memory units by automatically generating an ASP (Application Support Package) optimized to the system requirements.
  • Enables tailoring high-end grabber(s) and Imaging/Vision acceleration flow in an intuitive and simple manner by customizing the ASP, software and the FPGA design code.
  • Enables virtualization via parallel access of simultaneous multiple applications on the module FPGA . For example, firewall and compression may be accelerated simultaneously on the same FPGA and controlled by independent applications.

PDF file
Proc10M FPGA module datasheet

PDF file - 776 KB

Gidel Proc10M compact FPGA module block diagram
Proc10M block diagram

Block diagram

Gidel Proc10N/Proc10M compact FPGA module memory performance
Proc10N/Proc10M memory performance

5-level memory scheme

Gidel FPGA modules presentation video
Video: Gidel's FPGA modules at Embedded World 2022

Gidel founder and CTO explains the benefits of Gidel's Intel-based high-performance FPGA modules for fast and easy development


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