Remote Camera over Fiber-Optic System (RCL)

The Remote Camera Link Fiber-Optic (RCL) extension system enables frame acquisition from a remote camera at a distance of up to 10 km without repeaters. A remote camera connects directly to the RCL module, which transmits the camera image over fiber optic cable. On the other end, the fiber-optic cable connects to either a Gidel PCIe HawkEye-CL frame grabber board mounted in a host computer or to another Gidel RCLGR module that can interface with any user frame grabber. The RCL supports all Camera Link modes, including 80-bit (DECA) and an option to connect two base mode cameras.

The RCL unit is supported by remote I/O capabilities via the fiber optics cable, including:

  • Camera Link camera control lines for remote control of the camera
  • Camera Link serial communication
  • RS232 Rx/Tx
  • 3-30V opto-coupler drivers and receivers
  • Triggering capabilities from frame grabber

Interfacing with Gidel frame grabbers offers high performance acquisition, on-board real-time image processing, diverse I/O options, and the ability to synchronize between multiple cameras.

Contact Information

North America:

+1 408 969 0389


+972 4 610 2500

Asia Pacific:

+972 4 610 2500

Key Features

  • Transmit distance with no repeaters: 10 Km. For other distances of up to 40 km, contact Gidel Support
  • Support for all Camera Link modes, including 80-bit (DECA)
  • Option for connecting two Camera Link cameras in base mode
  • Direct connection to Gidel’s frame grabber, thus reducing server infrastructure cost and components
  • SFP+ cage for up to 11.3 Gb/s full duplex data transfer over fiber optic cable
  • Remote I/O capabilities, including:
    • RS232 Rx/Tx
    • 2x 3-30V opto-couplers output driver
    • 2x 3-30V opto-coupler input receivers
    • 4 Camera Control lines and serial communication in accordance with the Camera Link specification
    • Triggering capabilities from frame grabber
  • I/O controls from host PC:
    • Camera Link Serial communication (CLSER)
    • Virtual COM for RS232 and Camera Link
  • Status LEDs indicting power, link connection, transmission activity, and user defined functionality
Download our data sheet for the Remote Camera over Fiber-Optic System.