Software & Development Tools

Gidel’s frame grabbers are supported by a developer’s suite enabling different grabbing flavors, on-board real-time image processing, and system customization. Customization can be performed for software, I/O interface, and FPGA design code (HDL).  The suite includes tools for automatic generation of the frame grabber’s Application Support Package (ASP), including the software driver, the HDL  top-level envelop, interface bridges, and Gidel proprietary IPs such as JPEG compression and the MultiPort memory controller enabling simultaneous multi-application access to the frame grabber.

ProcVision Developer’s Suite

The ProcVision Developer’s Suite provides a powerful set of tools for customizing the frame grabber acquisition path and for developing, testing and verifying the  on-FPGA image processing block.  The tools include means  for developing both the image processing FPGA code and the software application. The ProcVision Suite includes:

  • CertifEye Toolchain: Enables instant debugging and validation of the FPGA image processing IP(s) and the ISP pipeline
  • ProcFG: Frame grabber flow enabling ROI capture and real-time image processing – supported by software and API
  • InfiniVision: Frame grabber flow for multi cameras/sensors enabling real-time compression and synchronization of 100+ cameras
  • CamSim: Camera simulator for developing and testing imaging and vision applications
  • ProcDev Kit: Allows you to fully tailor your grabber’s Application Support Package (ASP) including integration with software
  • TotalHistory: Access wide and virtually unlimited FPGA signal tracing depth (promotional inclusion in ProcVision)
  • Utilities: Load new designs, scan FPGAs, etc.

ProcFG Grabber Suite

  • Includes ProcFG FPGA acquisition flow + image processing pipeline and software API and GUI
  • Optimized for vision systems that use FPGA acceleration
  • Optimized for line scan vision applications using reference images
  • Supports multiple cameras, including different camera standards
  • Multi-cameras can be used in a single or multiple process/program simultaneously
  • Selective ROI grabbing for ultra-high acquisition rate and data offloading
  • Supports GenICam streaming (optional)
  • Option for adding user image processing block on FPGA
  • Available for all Gidel frame grabbers

InfiniVision Grabber Suite

  • Includes InfiniVision FPGA acquisition flow + image processing pipeline and software API and GUI
  • Optimized for grabbing from multiple cameras, including from multiple frame grabbers
  • Ability to grab compressed images/video
  • Can join multi-camera synchronized data into highly compact frames
  • Simultaneous grabbing from different camera types and image sizes
  • Designed for high system reliability of multi-camera systems
  • Optional console display of multi-camera grabbing
  • Option for adding system frame header to synchronize all related data, e.g., sample time, frame number, position, etc.
  • Supports all Gidel frame grabbers

Proc Developer’s Kit

Allows for the tailoring of grabbing, imaging and vision flow in an intuitive and simple approach to meet system requirements, including:

  • Building a custom frame grabber, e.g., each tap representing a unique camera
  • Adding and configuring FPGA imaging and vision algorithms, including custom code
  • Combining several grabbing and image processing flows for single or multiple cameras, e.g., real-time image processing using ProcFG and in parallel, recording compressed incoming data using InfiniVision