Software & Development Tools

Gidel’s frame grabbers are supported by software suite and development tools enabling different grabbing flavors and customization possibilities. Customization can be performed for both software and FPGA design code (HDL). The software suite includes the ProcFG and InfiniVision Grabber GUIs as well as API suits for custom user software application. The Development kit that includes the ProcWizard application is for efficient and intuitive FPGA code customization and integration with software code.

ProcVision Developer’s Suite

The ProcVision Developer’s Suite includes:

  • CertifEye Templates: Enables instant debugging and validation of FPGA image processing IP(s) and ISP pipeline
  • FPGA’s Gidel Imaging Library (GIL): Optimized, easy to use, can be combined with your ISP
  • ProcFG: Frame grabber application supporting GenICam
  • ProcFG Templates: Enables instant porting of CertifEye-developed ISP to target grabber and acceleration board
  • InfiniVision: Grabber for multi cameras/sensors that supports compression and recording subsystems
  • CamSim: Real-time playback and ISP simulation solution
  • ProcDev Kit: Allows you to fully tailor your grabber and ISP to your application needs
  • TotalHistory: Access wide and virtually unlimited signal tracing depth (promotional inclusion in ProcVision)
  • Utilities: Load new designs, scan FPGAs, etc.

ProcFG Software

  • Optimized for vision systems that use FPGA acceleration
  • Optimized for line scan vision applications using reference images
  • Supports multiple cameras, including different camera standards
  • Multi-cameras can be used in a single or multiple process/program simultaneously
  • Selective ROI grabbing for ultra-high acquisition rate and data offloading
  • Supports GenICam streaming (optional)
  • Imaging debug tools to simplify the FPGA IP and system development
  • Supports all Gidel frame grabbers

InfiniVision Software

  • Optimized for grabbing from multiple cameras, including from multiple frame grabbers
  • Ability to grab compressed images/video
  • Can join multi-camera synchronized data into highly compact frames
  • Simultaneous grabbing from different camera types and image sizes
  • Designed for high system reliability of multi-camera systems
  • Optional console display of multi-camera grabbing
  • Option for adding system frame header to synchronize all related data, e.g., sample time, frame number, position, etc.
  • Supports all Gidel frame grabbers

Proc Developer’s Kit

Allows for the tailoring of grabbing, imaging and vision flow in an intuitive and simple approach to meet system requirements, including:

  • Building a custom frame grabber, e.g., each tap representing a unique camera
  • Adding and configuring FPGA imaging and vision algorithms, including custom code
  • Combining several grabbing and image processing flows for single or multiple cameras, e.g., real-time image processing using ProcFG and in parallel, recording compressed incoming data using InfiniVision